Become a Supporter

There are several ways you can support the work of The Housing Foundation: 

Become a funder through Impact Investment Loans

The Housing Foundation (HF) operates as a social enterprise and is a charitable Trust that provides affordable housing to low income qualifying families. HF have proven products and services to supply pathways for secure rental and assisted ownership tenures but constantly faces the challenge of attracting sufficient capital to make a measurable difference. 

Impact Loans are a way to allow investors/lenders (Funders) to contribute capital to directly addressing the problem of intergenerational poverty through HF and the delivery of affordable homes. The loans provide both a financial return and a social impact return on capital.

Provide sponsorship

The Housing Foundation welcomes individuals and organisations who wish to sponsor a particular project in a selected community; obtain great exposure for your company while making a positive impact on a community. 

Donations / Grants

As with many non-profit organisations, The Housing Foundation cannot get far without the ongoing support of individuals and organisations who support the vision of Housing Foundation.  If you wish to make a donation please refer to our contact details in the menu.

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Note: The Housing Foundation is registered as a Charitable Trust.

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