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We say more Kiwi families deserve a shot at home ownership.

At Housing Foundation we believe in empowering communities and providing affordable housing for low and moderate income households.

Unfortunately the housing affordability crisis we are witnessing in many cities and communities in Aotearoa is a huge stumbling block in making our shared vision a reality.

In the past 30 years we have seen home ownership rates fall dramatically and the cost of renting increase considerably.

Every day we see families living with the effects of housing stress. Overcrowding causes relationship stress.  High housing cost causes debt.  Damp, cold, poor quality housing causes disease.  The loss of home ownership in New Zealand contributes to poor health, educational and social outcomes, worsening child poverty, and is particularly harmful for Māori and Pacific peoples.

This cannot be the legacy that we leave for the next generation. There is a better way.

Our Solution is greater support for our Rent-to-Own and Shared Ownership Programmes

Solving New Zealand’s housing crisis is not possible through construction alone. Families need financial support to turn around the decades of neglect from declining home ownership rates.  More Kiwis could be owning their own home in the next 5 years if the Government made a commitment to scale up the successful work that Housing Foundation, Habitat and other community providers are doing to assist hundreds of Kiwi whānau into their own homes.

  • Rent to Own helps low and modest income working households who are not able to save for a deposit and may have debt, to make the first step toward home ownership.  The household pays an affordable rent, has security for five years and at the end of the five-year-term they have the absolute right to purchase some or all of the shares to their home.
  • Shared Ownership helps households into home ownership by allowing them to purchase part of a new home, while the government or another party holds a share of the owner-occupier’s home. By doing so the remaining mortgage costs are more affordable to the household.

The Housing Foundation (HF) has been operating these affordable home ownership products for ten years.  It has built over 800 new homes and supported hundreds of households into home ownership who would not have otherwise been able to do so.  These products are tried and tested; they are commercially proven and have a strong market brand.  We are supported by many New Zealand banks and philanthropist organisations.

Lei and Tania lived in a poor-quality damp private rental property in Manurewa with their young children for over six years. They had lost hope of owning their own home; both worked hard and struggled to pay rent. When they first heard about the Housing Foundation and products that provided a pathway to ownership, they thought it was too good to be true.    

Tania says: “Lei and I sat down with each other and talked about our future and we realised that our goal was to have a better life, for us and our family. That meant we needed to find a way to find a better home and realised that if we didn’t make a change, take a leap of faith, we’d still be renting someone else’s home, paying for someone else’s mortgage in 10 years’ time!    Lei and Tania’s journey towards independent home ownership is progressing very well and due to their hard work and some practical assistance from the Housing Foundation, they are on track as part of the Waimahia community to achieve their goal.

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