Adopting KiwiBuy, a range of programmes enabling Kiwis to own their own home progressively, is being urged on the Government, in a petition launched by Community Housing Providers.  The Salvation Army, Housing Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Community Housing Aotearoa are asking the public to sign the petition at and create pressure on the Government so a new generation of Kiwis can enjoy the benefits of homeownership.

“Since we launched KiwiBuy earlier this year, we’ve been inundated with inquiries from families in need” said Salvation Army Major Campbell Roberts. “We’re getting messages from people every day telling us that KiwiBuy is the answer they’ve been hoping for.”

“This shows that KiwiBuy should absolutely be part of the solution to New Zealand’s housing crisis” said Roberts.

KiwiBuy solutions like Progressive Home Ownership and Shared Ownership are already used by Community Housing Providers to provide many NZ families with a pathway to own a home of their own. “Public pressure is needed on politicians to adopt these measures so homeownership is a possibility for lower income working households locked out of the housing market”.  

The Community Housing Providers see the petition as one means of highlighting to Government that Kiwis want creative and realistic ways for New Zealanders to achieve their homeownership goal.

“When homeownership was a realistic goal for a New Zealand family, the Government support was readily available through subsidised low-interest loans and an ability to capitalise on the families’ child payments. The time has come to recreate such creativity in Government,” said Campbell Roberts.  
In a survey conducted amongst over 800 Salvation Army clients, 57% of them expressed an intention to be in their own home within five years. “Without Government action putting in place pathways for people to become homeowners, most of these people have no chance of reaching that goal” said Roberts.

The KiwiBuy petition can be found at or at on the parliamentary website at

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Major Campbell Roberts
The Salvation Army
Campaign Chairperson

                 Claire Szabo                
                     Habitat for Humanity                     

Dominic Foote
Housing Foundation

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Community Housing Aotearoa

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