Mission Statement

To relieve poverty by providing or assisting the provision of affordable housing for low income persons and households in New Zealand.

That all New Zealanders can sustainably afford a decent home, can reach their potential and can participate in, and contribute to their community.


To facilitate access to affordable and sustainable housing in mixed integrated communities for low income persons and households.

To initiate, facilitate and create access to a greater range of affordable housing options.

To facilitate and support the development of a robust Community Housing sector in New Zealand.

To be the catalyst for the provision of housing development projects that promote innovative, sustainable housing solutions to meet affordable housing needs.



We will:

  • Be transparent in the way we operate; be open, honest, inclusive and act with a sense of fairness and social justice
  • Be respectful and provide the utmost duty of care to all persons, households and communities we assist
  • Take an holistic and caring approach to assisting people and households with their specific affordable housing needs
  • Acknowledge the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and consider the needs, aspirations and cultural values of tangata whenua
  • Leverage our resources to assist as many persons, households and communities as possible
  • Respect the working relationships we have with the Community Housing sector, central and local government and the private sector
  • Be financially responsible - conduct our affairs with commercial prudence and protect the interests of all stakeholders
  • Strive for excellence and the provision of quality outcomes in all that we do.



We will work in cooperation and collaboration with all parties that have an interest in housing to:


Deliver "real" housing outcomes

Leverage housing outcomes through the involvement of public, private and community sectors to develop new mixed integrated neighbourhoods that assist people and households on low incomes to attain affordable housing.

Empower Communities

Support communities by providing a co-operative approach that brings together the interests of the wider community and ensures an holistic approach to assisting individual households with their specific housing needs.  Community ownership enables solutions for neighbourhoods that are healthy and affordable places to live over the long term, where people take responsibility for themselves and each other.

Initiate innovative housing solutions

Create a wider range of affordable housing options through forming partnerships to shape policy, pilot new products and instigate sustainable housing solutions.

Influence and market what we do

Other participants in the housing sector can utilise Housing Foundation’s products and deliver similar outcomes for communities.


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