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Many people are in need of affordable secure, stable and healthy homes. The Housing Foundation assists people in making this a reality in some areas of both the North and South Islands. Through our housing programmes, Housing Foundation provides options for getting New Zealanders into new homes, helping them manage their finances so over time they can become independent home owners.

We are a not-for-profit, charitable trust delivering affordable housing for low income households, and supporting many other community providers also to provide affordable housing in neighbourhoods that work for low income and disadvantaged households.  

We have already completed a number of residential developments across Auckland where our 'affordable equity' programme (which offers shared-ownership of the house between you and Housing Foundation) has proven very popular for first home buyers. Other affordable housing programmes like a no deposit 'affordable rental' are available and a programme will be tailored to meet your needs and circumstances.

Housing Foundation has the backing of some leading philanthropic organisations within New Zealand like The Tindall Foundation, and we are supported by central and local government in many of our developments and programmes.

As an organisation we are focused on developing communities and growing strong, safe neighbourhoods.  We are committed to not only building houses, but also strong communities.


"My home is an extension to my kainga tuturu and it means everything to me and my sons to have somewhere they can call their own. Like their whakapapa (genealogy), it is their foundation and they feel connected. It also provides me with peace of mind that I have done my utmost best for my sons and that if anything happens – no matter what they have a home to call their own – thank you New Zealand Housing Foundation."

Vikki Ham, Housing Foundation household


“Affordable housing is central to Kiwi society and remains stitched into the social aspirations of our culture. Without the solid foundation of a home, low income New Zealanders are forever in survival mode and less able to make a wider contribution to their communities.”

Dr Tony Lanigan, Chairman, New Zealand Housing Foundation

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