Halswell Commons, Christchurch

6km from the CBD and developed with the aim of cultivating a sense of community, Halswell Commons is a new subdivision bordered by Halswell Road, Hendersons Road and Sparks Road. Halswell Commons is designed around reserves and pathways to the front of homes and access ways to the rear, creating an open environment.

Located directly adjacent to Halswell Commons, the SouthWest Village is to become the heart of retail and commercial development in the area. The SouthWest will provide local amenities to the entire Halswell district, employment opportunities and a local hub of activity that grows alongside the developing community.

The Wayne Francis Charitable Trust is providing a limited number of 3 and 4-bedroom houses throughout the 300-home Halswell Commons development for first home owners to purchase under the Trust’s First Home Buyer Initiative.

On behalf of the Wayne Francis Charitable Trust, Housing Foundation is currently inviting applications from households which meet the following qualifying requirements:

  • You are NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • At least one member of the household is in full time employment, and
  • You are a first home buyer and will live in this house, and
  • Your combined household gross (before tax) income is approximately between $74,000 and $95,000 per year; you can include Family Tax Credits, and
  • You have a deposit of approximately $35,000 (dependent on income) including KiwiSaver and HomeStart Grant, and
  • You have manageable personal debt, or no debt, and
  • You have a good credit record, and
  • You are able to qualify for a home loan/mortgage, which we will assist you in obtaining, from one of the Trust’s partner banks.

Please note, pets may be allowed only in certain circumstances and require approval from the Residents Association and any relevant Body Corporate.

As a first step to finding a Halswell Commons home to call your own, please check our Application Guide or submit an Application Form.