Affordable Equity FAQs


What if I earn more/less than the income requirements?

The Housing Foundation generally requires households to be earning a total gross income (before tax) of between $65,000 - $95,000 per year.  This is so you are able to adequately service a bank mortgage that enables you to afford to purchase a significant share in your home.  Household gross income is generally capped at $95,000.

What if I have debt?

If your total household debt is less than $10,000 you may qualify.  If your total household debt is greater than $10,000 it will significantly reduce the mortgage amount you can borrow, which will reduce the size of the share you can purchase.  Plus, the banks may not want to lend to you if they think your debt is too high.  However, The Housing Foundation does operate another affordable housing programme - Affordable Rental (Home Saver) - which might be better suited to you if you have debt of more than $10,000.

What is the minimum deposit required?

You must be able to provide a deposit of at least $10,000 to be considered for our Affordable Equity programme.  This can come from your Kiwisaver account if their terms and conditions are met.



Where are the houses?

Please click on Housing Projects to see our current housing developments.



How is the market value of the properties' determined?

It is determined by an independent registered valuer, who sets the value based on recent sales in the area.



What role does New Zealand Housing Foundation play as shared owner?

The Housing Foundation plays a passive role.  The Housing Foundation does not charge the household any interest or rent on it's share of the property.  When the property is sold, both the household and Housing Foundation get their share of any increase in the value of the property.


For example, the below figures show a household ownership share of 70%:

Property purchase price (example only)   $650,000
Household's ownership amount (70%) $455,000
New Zealand Housing Foundation's ownership amount (30%) $195,000


How often can I increase my share in the house?

You may purchase more shares in your home anytime after the first anniversary of your purchase date.  Once you own 85% of your home, you must buy New Zealand Housing Foundation's remaining 15% in one transaction.

Is there a time frame for me to achieve full ownership of the house?

The Housing Foundation expects you to fully own your home after 15 years.  If you do not own it outright by then, the Housing Foundation will charge you interest on the share of the house that you do not own.


How do I apply for the Affordable Equity Programme?

Check out our Step by Step Guide for our basic criteria.  Then follow the link to our Online Registration Form.

Also, click to check out our Affordable Rental programme.

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