Affordable Equity FAQ


What is the minimum deposit required?

If you have $10,000 or more and would like to own your home, you will be considered for our Affordable Equity programme.


Where are the houses?

We are currently looking for Applicants for our housing devoloment in Greater Christchurch.

Can I make changes to the houses being built?

No - The design and plans for the houses are determined by the builder. Shared home owners are not able to amend the design or plans.  They may make minor alterations once they have purchased the house, with the prior consent of HF.


Who decides the market value of the house?

HF obtains a market value from an independent registered valuer.  HF pays for this valuation.


What role does HF play as shared owner?

HF plays a passive role. They do not charge any interest or rent to the householder for its share of the dwelling.  When the property is sold, both the householder and HF get their share of any increase in the value of the property.

How often can I increase my share in the house?

On the anniversary of your purchase date you may make an application to HF to increase your share, in 5% blocks, up to a maximum of 85%.  The property is revalued each time you wish to increase your equity to determine the cost of your increased share.

Is there a time frame for me to achieve full ownership of the house?

You need to be increasing your share of ownership after 10 years (or earlier) of being in your home.

What happens when I reach 85% share?

The next increase is to 100% ownership.

What other costs will the homeowner have?

Rates, insurance and all maintenance. However, because the house will be brand new there should be little in the way of maintenance.  HF charge a small annual management fee (currently $500 + GST) to undertake an annual inspection and ensure our interest in the house is being properly maintained.

How do I apply for Affordable Equity?

Check our Step by Step Guide for our basic criteria.  Then follow the link to our Online Registration Form.

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