Trent Street, Avondale



All Housing Foundation houses have now been allocated.

The private sales website is :

Update August 2016

Trent Street, Avondale is a current Housing Foundation development.  When completed, it will comprise 33 houses in total of which 21 houses will be used with the Housing Foundation's two affordable housing programmes:- 

  1. Affordable Equity and
  2. Affordable Rental

The remaining 12 houses are allocated for Private Sale and are being handled by Housing Partnership (no relation to the NZ Housing Foundation). The private sales website is :

Build progress

Construction of the first four houses started on 19th August 2016. We anticipate a 12 to 14-month construction programme, depending on weather. Completion dates are issued to the households as we get closer to settlement dates.

The Housing Foundation will be organising a household seminar for its households close to the end of September. The households will be directly notified.


Photo: Whakawhiti Loop (Trent Street), Feb 2016



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