Registration of Interest Form

  • The Housing Foundation is taking Registrations of Interest for only some of our current projects/developments. In some developments, all houses have already been allocated to households. However, please use the Contact Us form and we will keep your details on record so that we can contact you when a suitable new development becomes available.
  • Before proceeding to complete the Registration of Interest Form, please check the preliminary eligibility criteria for each of the Housing Project opportunities as they do vary.
  • A Registration of Interest does not automatically lead to an invitation to make a formal Application for a house.
  • Each Registration of Interest is considered separately and is based on your particular circumstances; you may or may not be invited to submit a formal application.
  • If at a later date your circumstances change and more closely meet the eligibility criteria, then you are welcome to submit your Registration of Interest.


Personal Information

Applicant 1

This must include a spouse or defacto partner (a person you are in a long term relationship with). Please include that person even if they have no income, for example a stay at home parent or someone studying.
A second applicant could also be a parent, sibling or child over 18.

Financial Information

Applicant 1

incl. Salary, Working for Families, Accommodation Supplement etc
incl. Hire Purchase, Credit & Store Cards, other loans. Not including student loans. Type '0' if you have no debt.

incl. Personal savings and kiwisaver

Household Information

(ie includes all persons you are currently living with)
(please state relationship between other persons in household and applicants ie child over 17, Mother of Applicant 1)
(ie includes all persons who will be living in the house)

Any other relevant details for why you are looking for housing assistance eg. Health, Personal, financial
Have you completed all the fields above including details for a second applicant (if appropriate)?
Completing this form doesn't commit you or the Housing Foundation in any way, it just allows us to assess your circumstances so we can proceed together to the next stage.
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