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Shared Owners

COVID-19 Level 4

Important Message for Shared Homeowners

As you are all aware, we are in lockdown from Wednesday 25th March midnight as we collectively fight the spread of COVID-19. This will cause significant change to our lives for at least the next 4 weeks.

Housing Foundation’s objective during this lockdown is to ensure each household remains in their home even if their financial circumstances change.

This is our advice if your financial circumstances change.

If you are impacted through job loss or income reduction, we ask you to do these 3 things:-

  1. Contact your Mobile Mortgage Manager and check your Bank’s website to read about their measures to support customers during the lockdown. Banks have worked with the Government and have several support measures on offer to affected customers.
  2. Contact Work and Income (WINZ) to see what support & assistance is offered. Their phone lines are extremely busy at present, but their COVID-19 website has very helpful information and an 0800 number. The link is below.
  3. Speak with your Housing Foundation Household Manager once you have spoken with your bank and if need be with Work and Income. It is best to make contact by email or txt and the Household Manager may follow up with a phone call. It is important for us to hear from you if things have changed for you. We do have a range of options on offer that we can discuss with you, all with the aim of keeping you in your home.




To all our valued families, stakeholders and suppliers

This describes the steps Housing Foundation is taking to respond to COVID-19 while continuing to operate.

We will continue to operate while ensuring we do everything possible to keep our team, families, stakeholders and suppliers safe.  The safety of our employees and households in our home ownership and rent to own programmes is a priority. The steps we will take to reduce risk include:

Housing Foundation team members will be available to be contacted as follows:

Enquiries regarding Home Ownership Applications and general enquiries to: info@housingfoundation.co.nz
Enquiries regarding home maintenance to: maintenance@housingfoundation.co.nz
Enquiries regarding office, financial and business operations to: office@housingfoundation.co.nz

Call Centre number is freephone 0800 4 HOUSING (446 874)

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on one of the above emails or reach out to me or a member of the team directly.

We hope you continue to stay safe and remain well.


Kind regards,
Dominic Foote
CEO Housing Foundation