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  • Stories from Housing Foundation households

    “Our dream became a reality. It impacted on the people that were alongside us; our dream became their dream.”

  • About New Zealand Housing Foundation

    Housing Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable trust delivering affordable home ownership for low income households. We provide options for getting New Zealanders into new homes of their own. Once families are in their home we continue to support them in managing their finances so over time they can afford to buy it outright. Learn more about Housing Foundation.

  • Virtual Tour of One of our Homes

    This house is one of the first to be built in our Claverdon Drive, Massey development. Come and have a look inside to see what your future home could look like! If you are allocated one of our homes, you are able to choose from a range of interior design colour schemes that include carpet, vinyl, bench tops, curtains and paint colours.

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Waimahia Inlet

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Are you searching for an affordable and healthy home?  Find out if one of our housing programmes could work for you.

Due to increased interest, please be aware it may take some time to get back to you.  


Recent News



New Housing Research

The Housing Foundation (HF) has released three substantive new research...



A Success Story - NZ Housing Foundation

New Zealand Housing Foundation - A Success Story



Affordable Housing ?

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Phil Goff visit to Waimahia

Auckland Mayoral candidate, and Mt Roskill MP, Phil Goff recently...

Helpful Information

SBS, Kiwibank and ASB

The SBS, Kiwibank and ASB banks have teams of specialist mobile managers to arrange your mortgage for our Affordable Equity product.  We will introduce you to one of these banks and a mobile manager will meet with you. To test what you can borrow, we suggest you use the banks mortgage calculators and if you want more information on their mortgage lending terms and conditions, go to, and

Budgeting Advice

We like our families to prepare a budget that shows how they can pay the rent and repay their debt.  The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services can help you do this – their service is free and confidential.  We can refer you to the office closest to where you live. For more information go to

Welcome Home Loans

If you think you could have 10% deposit for a house (from Kiwisaver, the First Home Buyer Grant, a gift from family or savings), then a Welcome Home Loan could be for you. 

With a Welcome Home Loan pre-approval you can buy a new house of your choice instead of through New Zealand Housing Foundation.  See



First home buyers can use their Kiwisaver contributions as a deposit for a house.  You can withdraw some or all of your KiwiSaver savings (except for the $1,000 kick-start and member tax credit) to put towards buying your first home. You need to have been a KiwiSaver member for three or more years and you can only withdraw money to buy your first home. For more information, go to

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