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About Housing Foundation

Established in 2001, Housing Foundation is a charitable trust that delivers affordable housing options for working New Zealand households who are finding it difficult to buy a secure, warm, dry home. Housing Foundation also collaborates and partners with Iwi and other organisations in the sector, and is supported by leading philanthropic organisations within New Zealand, including The Tindall Foundation.

Through our shared ownership programme, Housing Foundation works closely with families to assist them into home ownership.

We offer our expertise and support to Iwi and other organisations, enabling a broad reach to communities throughout New Zealand.

Housing Foundation has housed hundreds of families since we began operations in 2001 and will continue to work with government agencies, Iwi and community organisations to house even more families who would otherwise be unable to own a home.

We are grateful to have financial support from leading philanthropic organisations within Aotearoa such as The Tindall Foundation.

HF has the vision and determination to continue to work on developing communities and growing strong, safe neighbourhoods for residents.  The improved health, education and social outcomes for our residents has proven that secure housing brings well-being.

Contact us if you would like to know more about how you or your organisation can support us, or partner with us to create homes and communities for working families in New Zealand.

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Our Mission

To relieve poverty by providing or assisting with the provision of affordable housing for low income persons and households in New Zealand

Our Vision

Empowering communities and building for the future, through innovative housing solutions