About us

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Who we are

Housing Foundation is a Charitable Housing Trust that has been helping Kiwis achieve their dream of home ownership since 2007. Our goal is to provide high-quality, affordable homes for Kiwi households.

Home ownership is still very much part of the Kiwi psyche, but it is becoming impossible for many. Housing Foundation is providing innovative ways to change that. 

Home ownership is important. It allows New Zealanders to control their own destinies. Not only does it provide better financial security, but also security of tenure, leading to better education and health outcomes for homeowners and their whānau. Entering retirement without this sense of security can be limiting and daunting.

We partner with others like iwi and Government agencies and are grateful to have support from leading philanthropic organisations such as The Tindall Foundation. 

We do more than just provide a sale and purchase agreement. Our relationship with families is deep and long-lasting. We help them create their financial plans and mentor them while they put those plans into action.  Already we have helped over 1,000 families onto the property ladder. 

We’re only just getting started! Our ambition is to support more Kiwis right across New Zealand. And we welcome interest and collaboration from others that share our commitment to create a better future for New Zealand families.

There are no gimmicks, just a team standing by to support Kiwis out of renting, and into their own home. With the demand for affordable homes – and the affordability gap to own them – continuing to grow, our work has just begun.


Our Mission

To relieve poverty by providing or assisting with the provision of affordable housing for low income persons and households in New Zealand.

Our Vision

Empowering communities and building for the future, through innovative housing solutions.
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