Housing Foundation’s affordable home ownership programme is now on offer in the Western Bay of Plenty region. We have a great Ōmokoroa location, adjacent to some outstanding wetland areas and yet just a few minutes from the shopping hub. We even have some beautiful views to the Kaimai mountains in the distance.

Say goodbye to your landlord and start your journey with Housing Foundation to your own home. 

You'll appreciate the relaxed and easy lifestyle available here for your family. 

With a Housing Foundation home in Ōmokoroa, you have two purchase options.

Through our Shared Ownership programme, Housing Foundation will help you buy the home by becoming a joint owner with you. Then, over time, you can buy our share from us as you can afford it. To find out more, and see if you qualify, check out the details on our Shared Ownership page.

Alternatively, you can buy these properties through Open Market Sales. Sort out your financing with your bank or mortgage broker, then contact us to discuss what homes are available. We’ll invite you along to see our show home as soon as it’s complete – probably around July.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

Shared Ownership Open Market Sale

3 Bedroom

Physical address is 53 and 75 Kayelene Place, Ōmokoroa but the location is between the ends of Tui Glen and Pip Way.

More details coming soon.

Omokoroa View 4
Shared Ownership Open Market Sale

4 Bedroom

Physical address is 53 and 75 Kayelene Place, Ōmokoroa but the location is between the ends of Tui Glen and Pip Way.

More details coming soon.

Omokoroa 2
Shared Ownership Open Market Sale

2 Bedroom

More details on our 2 Bedroom houses coming soon.
Omokoroa 2

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Housing Foundation developing in Ōmokoroa?

We have a large 3.2 hectare site between Pip Way and Tui Glen, and have created a masterplan for 100 homes to be built in five stages over three years.

Construction of the showhome is now underway, and due to be opened in June. Here, buyers will be able to experience the style of home and high quality of construction that can be expected across the development.

The first stage of construction is expected to start from July this year once the earthworks and roading have been completed.

Stage one comprises 22 three bedroom homes, ranging in size from 119m2 to 130m2.

We’ll also have 6 four bedroom homes, generously sized from 141m2 to 146m2 for families that need the extra space.

We are happy to share the details of any homes you are interested in. Our Shared Ownership application process helps us develop an understanding of your household needs, the size of home needed for your whanau, and what is affordable for you.

How do I purchase a home here?

Most Housing Foundation homes are sold through our Shared Ownership programme to families who are first time buyers. A small number of our homes will be offered on the open market to owner occupiers. We do not sell our homes to investors.

What is Shared Ownership?

With Housing Foundation’s Shared Ownership programme, you purchase a majority share of the home and we buy the rest. Over time, and as you can afford it, you buy our share out until the home is entirely yours.

Who does Housing Foundation sell Shared Ownership homes to?

Our Shared Ownership homes are available to first home buyers who meet our application criteria. Families must be working, and have a combined income of between $80,000 and $110,000 per year. You will need a deposit of over $40,000, which can come from your KiwiSaver funds. It’s also important that you have low or manageable debt. See our website for the full details or contact our Support Household Manager today.

If I’m not a first home buyer, can I buy a Housing Foundation home?

Yes, Housing Foundation do sell a small number of new homes on the open market to buyers who intend to live in the home. You’ll just need to arrange your own bank finance. Talk to us about this option – we’ll be happy to help.

Can we apply for the Rent To Own programme?

The Housing Foundation is not offering a Rent To Own programme in the Ōmokoroa development, however this may be available in future Bay of Plenty developments.

Can I purchase a Housing Foundation home as an investment to rent out?

No. Investors are not able to buy Housing Foundation homes. We are a charitable organisation commited to helping first time home buyers.

Are the homes freehold?

All the homes are freehold title. There is no Body Corp involved. However, a Residents’ Association will be set up with responsibility to maintain the common areas creating a vibrant and connected community.
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