In early 2017 Housing Foundation was successful with its proposal to Tāmaki Regeneration Company for Fenchurch 5A, B, & C sites in northern Glen Innes. These 3 adjoining sites comprised 17,689m2 and represented a major opportunity for Housing Foundation to develop at scale in this important regeneration area.

Our goal in Fenchurch has been to assist low income households achieve their aspiration of living independently, affordably and sustainably in a stable home environment in community setting.

We have demonstrated this with an innovative development of mixed tenure affordable housing where low and modest income families have a greater range of housing options.

We have created a development of 70, predominately stand-alone, family homes with 2, 3, 4 and 5-bedroom homes. We have worked collaboratively with Tāmaki Regeneration Company in identifying the type and mix of housing required in this development so that local housing need is met.

We are proud of the way that this development is proceeding especially the implementation of our place-making principles.

These principles are a key component in Housing Foundation’s community development through place and development planning processes. We are successfully applying these ideals with early engagement with the surrounding community and investment in the management of the integrated (mixed tenure) neighbourhood.

Our place-making practices do celebrate diversity and we have been promoting a connected and engaged community where neighbours get to know each other. In Fenchurch, it is Housing Foundation’s commitment to these practices that is starting to see the creation of a strong and stable community.

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