This development is sited on what was once one of Avondale’s original homesteads.

The development site of 6300m2 enabled Housing Foundation to sub-divide the land and build 33 new homes in a medium density environment alongside a newly created 2600m2 Council Reserve, which Housing Foundation also developed. Housing Foundation purchased the land from Auckland Council.

Whakawhiti Loop is a great example of how it is possible to deliver mixed tenure integrated tenure, that provides a range of housing tenures across a range of house typologies, ranging from 2-bedroom townhouses, to 3, 4 and 5-bedroom townhouses duplexes and standalone houses.

Housing Foundation established a Residents’ Association which is responsible for the management of the communal areas and has the stated aim of helping families build a strong sense of community by working together to ensure a safe, healthy, and connected neighbourhood. The R.A. is also responsible for the maintenance of the solar and wind powered streetlights and with Auckland Council the wastewater system.

Creating a new community within an existing community is a core foundation stone of Housing Foundation’s place making approach to creating healthy and sustainable communities. Housing Foundation approach is to build healthy and sustainable communities which in doing so will deliver improved social, health, economic and environment outcomes.

The best part about living at Trent Street is the sense of community. It’s like a little village – I’m genuinely good mates with my neighbours. In the evenings the kids run between everyone’s houses – they’re in bare feet or riding bikes in the streets and playing in your neighbours’ yard. There’s always a babysitter on hand and we’re happy to return the favour. It really is magic.
- Resident quote

Housing Foundation was recognised by The Property Council with an Award of Merit for its Whakawhiti Loop development.

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